Air Cavity QFN封装管壳


  • 品名: Air Cavity QFN
  • 来源: 陶瓷封装管壳,陶瓷封装盖板lids,陶瓷基板,气腔式QFN封装管壳
  • 周期: 陶瓷封装管壳,陶瓷封装盖板lids,陶瓷基板,气腔式QFN封装管壳
  • 定制: 陶瓷封装管壳,陶瓷封装盖板lids,陶瓷基板,气腔式QFN封装管壳

Air Cavity QFN Packages Open-molded Plastic Packages are pre-molded air cavity plastic QFN/SOIC packages designed to provide a convenient high-quality, high-performance solution for your prototype to full-production needs. Over 35 designs in multiple thicknesses, with a variety of pitch options and lead frame composition alternatives, are available immediately.

陶瓷封装管壳,陶瓷封装盖板lids,气密性封装管壳,Air Cavity QFN封装管壳

Principal character

• 3x3 mm to 12x12 mm QFN package sizes

• Custom DFN/QFN body sizes and lead counts

• Ni/Au-plated lead frames standard; Ni/Pd/Au available

• Superior bondability

• Larger die-paddle area supports large die and ground bonds, per body size

• RoHS- and REACH-compliant “Green” molding compound

Pre-Molded Air Cavity QFN Packages

• Quality suitable for production applications

 • Same-day availability on most options

• Performance realized into the Ka band

• Largest selection of 0.4mm pitch packages

• Production volumes • Mid-volume assembly services

 Custom QFN Plastic Packages

• I/O or paddle pattern packages with low NRE charge

• 3mm-square DFNs and other configurations

• Packages built to your spec or design for specific applications, i.e. simulating package designs with highfrequency transmission lines

 • Lead frame options for non-magnetic or low CTE applications

• Mold material options optimized for application

 QFN Package Air Cavity Lids

• Standard flat lids made from 91% alumina ceramic

 • Flat, RoHS- and REACH-compliant plastic lids

 • Lid with B-stage epoxy ring for sealed IC packages

 • Glass and quartz lids optional


二,Air Cavity QFN Application

  • Microwave chip package

  • Millimeter Wave chip package

  • RF Applications